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NXT Nutritionals Receives Purchase Order for SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener for ShopRite Supermarket Chain – The Launch Will Mark NXT Nutritionals’ Entrance into Northeastern Region

NXT Nutritionals Holdings, Inc. (NXTH) $1.03 OTCBB

This is an early call, but the story falls into a category where if the stars align this company could have blistering upside potential. It’s definitely a stock for your screen, one to follow and one to consider owning. Read on!

Of foremost importance is the taste: my wife and I have tried SUSTA™ and it tastes just like sugar―but better. In fact, it’s delicious. Take the taste test and see for yourself.

Let’s go over what we now know about this development-stage company and its markets backdrop.

(NXTH)’s market is defined by the now universal acceptance of alternative sweeteners and products that include them, so the target market for this company’s product is mammoth. Notably, the need for lower calorie products has never been more obvious, as the girth of America’s population (and Earth’s for that matter) continues to expand to truly appalling levels and the health consequences are “weighing” (pun intended) hugely on what is spent on overall health care. For a time only well-educated and health-conscious consumers availed themselves of the lower caloric alternatives in the marketplace but today the demand for such low-cal formulations is universal and, what’s more, is accelerating at an astonishing rate that is not slowing down anytime soon―that’s for sure. Government is doing what it can to educate the public through relevant channels and even promotes foodstuffs that qualify as healthy and low caloric. The obesity problem in this country and the rate at which it has become ever present is shocking beyond words. (NXTH) joins the arsenal of products to help fight it back.

(NXTH), while only a tiny development-stage company, is focused on developing and marketing alternative sweeteners and other food and beverage products in the United States. The common ingredient for all of the company’s products is its SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener, a minimal calorie, all-natural and nutritional sweetening system. SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener currently serves as an ingredient for the company’s nonfat all-natural Healthy Dairy™ yogurt smoothies and is marketed as a stand-alone product as well. (NXTH)’s specialty formulations offer numerous health-claimable benefits, including: no added sugar/sugar free, no cholesterol, reduced digestible carbohydrates (suitable for diabetics), prebiotic-rich fiber, and low sodium. SUSTA™ is said to aid digestion, support the immune system, help maintain healthy blood sugar levels and provide more than one gram of soluble fiber per serving.

Importantly, (NXTH) has management and a board of directors that have exceptional résumés in the food and beverage industry. The president and CEO, Mike McCarthy, has 25-years experience in the sector and was a former Vice President of PepsiCo. He understands selling products to the mass markets.

This management team has set forth with a plan to market the SUSTA™ Natural Sweetener and build value for shareholders that demands attention.

Management has also engaged a top national sales broker with an extensive footprint to help pave the way in building brand and bringing value to the company. This brand building is necessary for strategically setting the product for mass distribution.

(NXTH) is currently focused on launching SUSTA™ into the U.S. table top sweetener market where they will focus on taking market share from the natural sweeteners segment that is less entrenched and has fewer formidable competitors. SUSTA™ is targeted at individuals craving sweetness but for whom sugar is either not a viable option or is an undesirable option. At the top of this group are diabetics, individuals on diets, and those proactively managing obesity.

To visit (NXTH)’s comprehensive web site: http://www.nxtnutritionals.com